Is healthgoth sub-culture highly “POLITICAL”?


The term health goth is an oxymoron by itself, beside this argument it is more specific about the  “Aesthetics” and its proto narrative of getting back to paradise by embracing mortality as a one-world consciousness and devotion to deliver us from late capitalism. Johny love who is considered to be an outcast by the health goth’s initial creators magic Fades works exactly in this form of aesthetical Branding and this is the way in which Accelerated Aesthetics work. Accelerated aesthetics is a phenomenon where it gets along with capitalism and works completely against it in the later stages, it is like a Trojan horse virus a good one indeed. The usage of 90’s Adidas brand and inverted nike are rhetoric examples of these which work completely against capitalism.

Health Goth invigorates the anti-nostalgic dystopian present which is more into the ethos of mythologizing the present technology and a new genre futuristic thinking . It depends on the visual physical aesthetics as they represent the futuristic cyborgian humanitarian semiotic.

[ To be edited and Continued Later ]


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