The Subculture of Gaming

Video game culture (more accurately: a subculture) is a worldwide state-of-the-art media subculture anatomized by video games. As computer and video games have aggressively increased in idolization over time,they have had a significant influence on popular culture. According to the comScore data cited by Spil Games 44 % of the online community plays games. Netherlands-based Spil Games collected research from various sources, including Newzoo, World Population Clock, comScore, eMarketer, Goo Technologies, PopCap, Cisco, SpotXchange, Brightroll, and Akamai. It mashed the data together in a 17-page report.Click here to go to the report [ This is a 2013 based report ]

Ever since the Start double Elimination of ” THE INTERNATIONAL ” was organised by valve in the year 2011, the genre of gaming has had an unequivocal push in the prophecy of E-gaming. and ever since the introduction of E-gaming on an international stage became a  major success the amount of people inducting themselves into the subculture of gaming have started to show a great amount of interest towards the undertaking of gaming as a professional career option.And it is estimated that 10 percent of the global population is into online gaming out of which 1 % of the global population plays the game of Dota according to Steam reports

The Statistical Data on the Dota 2 playing international population [ as of 7/1/2017]
In a survey conducted by 66% of the Voters wanted to study dota as professional educational career.

Survey by on people who wanted to learn E-Gaming [DOTA] on a professional level
And seeing the record numbers A lot of educational institutions have come forward to adopt the E-sports into their curriculum of education. The first public hih school to include esports in its core curriculum was from Norway. And dota 2 was considered to be a serious contender among league of legends and CS-GO. Garnes Vidaregåande Skule recieved a great amount respect from the E-sport Gamers as soon as this news was viral among the internet using masses. The school’s moto was to create various teams that could start shining and create a Norwegian E-sport domination worldwide. within a three year span.

DotaBlast asked Petter Grahl Johnstad – Manager of the Science Department at the Garnes Vidaregåande Skule – what the Dota 2 classes would look like. Would students learn the mechanics of the game? Would they have a Dota 2 textbook to help them learn? Would they have homework? Would they join amateur tournaments?

As Johnstad puts it, they might, or they might not, it’s up to the future teachers to decide. While their names are yet unknown, according to Johnstad, the process of selecting the coaches who might shape Norway’s future esports champions “is looking very good so far”. For the entire interview .click here

” We aim to offer classes in the two most popular games among our applicants. When people suggest new games to include on the list, such as Smite and Call of Duty, we have included them. These proposals have not been very popular so far, so I do not believe that the scenario you are suggesting will manifest in reality. If many people suggest something that will not work, we will of course take charge of the situation and find a solution that works. ”

-Petter Grahl Johnstad [ suggesting that LOL and Dota 2 on being the front runners]


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