Gamification – A Module of Learning


Gamification typically involves applying game design thinking into non-game applications to make them more fun and engaging . Gamification can be applied to any industry. But what if the process of gamification be applied to a gaming educational institution converting all gamers into students of gaming and being the scientists of their gaming traits

What makes Gaming Schools Better ?

” People Start Playing Games and through no fault on their own get addicted if a person doesnt have a sense of achievement in their life it is easy to lose themselves in the virtual world where they can get false sense of accomplishment. ”

But what if these false sense of accomplishment is brought into reality by making the space and the break down gaming into a form of an educational discourse. The process of gamifying your everyday networking has already started without the self proclaimed knowledge of a person.  We are Already started to play the games for example


The above image is the starting of Gamification of your daily profile with rewards


This is Foursquares Gamified form of Accomplishment badges that has been evolved over the years


Gamified version of College Syllabus with various levels of Accomplishments

“63 percent of respondents agreed that making everyday activities more like a game would make them more fun and rewarding. More than half said that if a layer of competition were added to their everyday routine, they’d keep a closer watch on their behavior and activities”

Gamifying : Benefits+Problems Benefits

● Make it more engaging.

● Motivate players to complete quests.

● Help players focus and be more attentive to what they are learning.

● Spontaneity and Multitasking

● Allowing players to engage in friendly competitions with peers.

● Finding and Adopting team players who could be coherent in thinking and adopt the same style and stratergy

●Finding peers with “different roles” who could fit a team of 5 people. So team building also occurs. The roles are [Official Roles]

  1. Carry
  2. Disabler
  3. Initiator
  4. Jungler
  5. Support
  6. Nuke
  7. Durable
  8. Pusher
  9. Escape

●The thinking of these five people must be exactly in the same way like how they are mentally bonded  ( PACIFIC RIM : Giant Robot human Pilots ) so creating a chemistry link between the players based on their game-play and genre of thinking .


Every Gaming team must be based on the neural handshake created by the drift and when the bond is made then the team can be acknowledged by chemistry


● Gamification can become become predictable and boring.

● Poorly designed gamified activities can seem meaningless (if learning objectives are not well defined).

● Gamification can seem manipulative (ethical questions arise).

JWT Intelligence ( Jan 14, 2011 )

So education Becomes the Activity here. And accomplishments becomes the reward. This together combined is the art of learning gaming, herein to blend the genre of education of Gaming ( DOTA ) to foresee and train for inventing new meta in the game.





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